Why You Should Attend Tech Day Next Year

Why You Should Attend Tech Day Next Year

by   Shivani York  |  April 19, 2017  |  1

Yesterday, InRhythm Team attended the largest single-day startup event in the world. Tech Day has been going on for 3 year with 450 startup exhibitors this year, nearly 1,000 open jobs represented, more than 10,000 attendees, and over $20 billion in capital represented. Startups to large companies all attend. Here is a quick video of the event and what we learned by being there:

  1. While Tech day is crazy with the amount of companies represented and the talent, it’s is a great branding opportunity for your company.
  2. It’s crawling with talent, so jump on that train!  There are many talented tech engineers eager for an opportunity to join the perfect company. This is a great opportunity to meet with talent first hand, in large crowds and make a mark, as well as vet people easily.
  3. Be ready to stand out –  Since there are so many companies at Tech Day, if you do get a booth as a company, make sure you have what it takes to stand out.  Great swag gifts go a long way, a challenge goes even a longer way and if you can find something interesting for people to take a picture of your booth to share on social media, it is even better.



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