The Key to Product Management? User Experience

The Key to Product Management? User Experience

by inrhythmAdmin | December 7, 2016 |  0

Product Managers (PdMs) are the advocates for the business and for the end-user of a Product, and in this sense, they not only own the vision and requirements for the product, but also the user experience. In a small startup with limited resources, the Product Manager role can potentially be executed by a single individual. […]

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InRhythm Named Fastest Growing Company Four Straight Years in a Row

by inrhythmAdmin | September 6, 2016 |  0

InRhythm is proud to announce that we have once again earned a coveted spot on Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies list. We have become a strong leader in the industry and a trusted partner for enterprises seeking to experience modern software development. Using cutting edge technologies to develop highly scalable and secure web applications and platforms, […]

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Code Challenge Accepted (And Answered)

by inrhythmAdmin | July 11, 2016 |  0

One of engineers challenged our entire team with the following task:   Code challenge (in js, obvi). Write a one-liner that outputs (int) 10 using only the following symbols: “+”, “[” and “]” Oh, and you have to explain your answer. Extra credit: Same restrictions, output (string) 20. Now if you want to play around […]

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Blockchain Blockchain Blockchain – More Than Just a Buzzword

by inrhythmAdmin | June 20, 2016 |  0

Last week our in-house developer lead us through a thrilling talk on Smart Contract Development. We have full video coverage for you to dive in with us. Smart Contracts are computer programs which automatically execute the terms of a contract. This is usually facilitated by building them on the blockchain. Imagine building a Yelp where […]

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The Current State of {{Angular.SEO}}

by inrhythmAdmin | June 9, 2016 |  0

Pretty URLs Angular, by default, is configured to use hashbangs (#!) to denote a new page or state of the site/application. Url’s with a hashbang aren’t technically considered new pages by site crawlers. These type of urls are partials/fragments and are generally bad for SEO. Crawlers don’t index the content of fragments, by design, since […]

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Design Sprint Studio – From Idea to a Tested MVP Prototype

by inrhythmAdmin | May 26, 2016 |  0

We’ve been posting a lot about our newest service – Design Sprint Studio and now we are excited to provide you with a bit of an inside look. This is our latest Design Sprint Studio and we are thrilled at how smooth the process is running. Check out our pictures below from our latest client […]

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