Why InRhythm Works – A Recent Case Study

by inrhythmAdmin | March 31, 2016 |  0

We discuss the ins and outs of our offerings a lot on the InRhythm blog. Our thought leadership spans across the technology space to handle modern software development, Lean UX, and enterprise Agile practices. We pride ourselves on keeping updated and constantly adding on features. Whether it be a new JavaScript framework or technique, like […]

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Why Functional Programming needs to be at the top of your list in 2016

by inrhythmAdmin | March 23, 2016 |  0

Every month there seems to be a new set of tools that the software community is raving about. Whether it’s a new framework, build tool, or obscure language, there always some new fad to learn. When first introduced to the concept of functional programming, I assumed it would fall somewhere in that “fad” category. A […]

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March Meetup Video – Converting a Project from ES5 to ES2015

by inrhythmAdmin | March 17, 2016 |  0

For our March Meetup we all gathered at IRHQ with Glenn Hinks to discuss switching a project over from ES5 to ES2015. Glenn has been writing software since 1981 and is a full time node developer working at a live video sports streaming startup. We are excited to have exclusive full video footage for you […]

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What is a Design Sprint?

by inrhythmAdmin | March 9, 2016 |  0

What is a Design Sprint? A Design Sprint is a structured but flexible five day product design framework that elevates the possibilities of product creation. Simple as that? Well, not exactly. Traditionally, when you have a product idea and have completed research and designs that means you are ready to start the development process. At InRhythm, […]

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February Meetup Roundup – Reactive Layout for User Interfaces

by inrhythmAdmin | February 22, 2016 |  0

Let’s take a moment to think about how we interact with interfaces. I am willing to bet that about half of you think “point and click” while the other half considers “point and move”. At our most recent Meetup, David Valdman covered the topic of Reactive Layout for User Interfaces. Sounds cool, but what does that mean? […]

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How Lean Coffee can Transform any Disorganized Meeting

by inrhythmAdmin | February 9, 2016 |  0

Large brainstorming sessions can be frustrating for managers and employees alike. They can be loud and overwhelming and ultimately lead to no productive outcome. We have an interesting solution for a new way to organize these meetings while ensuring that every voice is still heard. Try using the Lean Coffee approach! Lean Coffee is a […]

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