Learnings and Key Takeaways: InRhythm’s Learning and Growth Newsletter

by Gunjan Doshi | June 5, 2019 |  0

June 4th: What I learned at A-Fest Portugal Last week I spent some time in the beautiful southern region of Algarve, Portugal for a global conference known as A-Fest, hosted by Mindvalley. Each year, the event hosts an invite-only community of 2000+ people from 50+ countries to step away from the daily grind and come together to connect, […]

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A call for compassion: InRhythm’s Learning and Growth Newsletter

by Gunjan Doshi | May 24, 2019 |  0

May 21st: Can there be compassion in code? Compassion is defined as feeling or showing empathy and concern for others. It literally means “to suffer together,” and amongst researchers, is known as the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another’s suffering and then feel compelled to relieve it.  Though I hope you’ve never experienced any form of suffering throughout […]

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Service Workers and PWAs: InRhythm’s Learning and Growth Newsletter

by Gunjan Doshi | May 13, 2019 |  0

May 7th: How do Service Workers Work? Only recently did designer Frances Berriman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell coin the term “progressive web apps.” In 2015 the pair introduced PWAs as a way to describe how apps will leverage new features supported by modern browsers, including service workers and web app manifests, which allow users to still use their native operating system (OS), but […]

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The Magic of Service Workers

by Anna Brakowska | May 2, 2019 |  0

When we think about building modern web applications, we think about being online, about updating users with the latest news and offers. We think about flashy, and attractive animations. In the process of building a web application we often forget that the reality can be dramatically different. We are so busy focusing on the design, […]

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Browser Extensions and Bookmarklets: InRhythm’s Learning and Growth Newsletter

by Gunjan Doshi | May 1, 2019 |  0

April 23rd: Do You Control Your Browser? Stanley Kubrick predicted first contact in his film 2001: A Space Odyssey and introduced a now-iconic, silver-tongued psychopathic A.I. by the name of “HAL” (1 character below “IBM”—get it?), but all we got in our own 2001 was United States v. Microsoft Corp. Some liked it and some didn’t but what everyone agreed on was that our freedom to […]

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Sprint 2.0: 4 Day Design Sprints

by Joe Cahill | May 1, 2019 |  0

It was a humbling experience to kick off the InRhythmU Speaker Series at InRhythm HQ. InRhythmU was created to foster a culture of continuous education through onsite events and comprehensive workshops for anyone who is looking to learn and grow in their field. As the Director of UX/UI Design at InRhythm, it seemed fitting to […]

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