Justin Van Wygerden – Halloween Horror Code Lounge

Justin Van Wygerden – Halloween Horror Code Lounge

by Anthony O'Sullivan | November 9, 2017 | 0

  From Justin: “DevOps has become a critical and emerging technology trend as we swiftly move down the road towards 2025. This version of a DevOps ‘nightmare’ scenario might be just as scary as Frankenstein writing machine code! In addition, it might be just as ghostly as disappearing into the Clouds.”  

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Featured Tech Talk – Arjun Ananth – Splunk

by Anthony O'Sullivan | October 23, 2017 | 0

  Listen to Arjun Ananth, one of InRhythm’s rockstar DevOps crew, give a great presentation on an intro to Splunk. From Arjun: “I spoke about how to get started with Splunk by first introducing it’s components, how they work and how we can utilize Splunk to collect log details from our servers. I also spoke […]

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Featured Tech Talk – Justin Van Wygerden – DevOps Container Analysis

by Anthony O'Sullivan | October 12, 2017 | 0

  From Justin: “Containerization analysis. Fundamentals to potentially proceed in a containerized/hybrid virtualization world. Rapid review of Docker offerings, Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes for container orchestration battles. Looking at the containerization life cycle model. OpenShift by RedHat and its impact towards building upon the Docker Engine core runtime/Kubnernetes container orchestration architecture. A brief, but very […]

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Featured Tech Talk – Abdul Goffar – Dynatrace

by Anthony O'Sullivan | October 5, 2017 | 0

  From Abdul: In order to determine that the application Software Developers develop are fast and reliable, an Application Performance Monitoring tool is required. Dynatrace is a widely accepted and recognized leader in Application Performance Management tool within the software industry. Dynatrace has 8000+ global customers and trusted by Fortune 100 companies. Dynatrace has a […]

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Featured Tech Talk – Amit Deshpande – Sketch and Measure

by Anthony O'Sullivan | October 2, 2017 | 0

  Listen to Amit Deshpande, InRhythm UX Lead, deliver a great talk on how developers and designers can work better together using a Sketch plugin called Measure. From Amit: Sketch has now become one of the “go-to” tools for any design team. Any design team I talk to knows about or is using Sketch in […]

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Featured Tech Talk – Gladys Um – How to Talk About Math

by Anthony O'Sullivan | September 27, 2017 | 0

  Listen to Gladys Um – Awesome InRhythm Engineer, deliver a fascinating yet truly useful talk on exactly ‘HOW’ we should talk about Math. From Gladys: “In ‘How to Talk About Math’, I argued that the way to make math more accessible to general audiences is to present the big picture, build intuition, use precise […]

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