InRhythm’s Cloud Engineering Digest: Frameworks, Architecture, and More

InRhythm’s Cloud Engineering Digest: Frameworks, Architecture, and More

by   Nick Logvynenko  |  March 12, 2019  |  0

Our latest Cloud Engineering Digest covers some big topics—the latest news in cloud, key framework updates, and some additional reading on software architecture trends. Check out the links you need to see now below:

Spring Boot 2.1.3 Available Now
This release includes over 70 fixes, improvements and dependency upgrades. If you’re still using Spring Boot 2.0.x, an upgrade to Spring Boot 2.1.x is strongly encouraged by the Spring team.

jUnit 5.4.0 was recently released and can now be used for migration from jUnit 4. The main defect with incompatible JUnit 4 format test reports has been fixed by a new junit-platform-reporting artifact containing a LegacyXmlReportGeneratingListener that generates XML reports using a backward compatible format.

Google announces the general availability of Cloud Firestore, their serverless, NoSQL document database.
The main feature? The SLA’s 99.999% availability for multi-region instances.

More and more details about new features in the upcoming JDK12: New static method teeing will be added to java.util.stream.Collectors interface which allows collection using two independent collectors, which then merge their results using the supplied function.

Amazon released Corretto 8, Amazon’s version of OpenJDK. They had already Corretto 11.

PKS 1.3 GA Adds Azure Support For a Royal Flush of Multi-Cloud Kubernetes
Pivotal Container Service® (PKS) 1.3 is now GA, delivering Kubernetes 1.12, Azure support and a full deck of enterprise capabilities across networking, availability, and operations.

PCF 2.4: Enhanced Security with TLS-Encrypted traffic, CredHub can use the same external database as other PAS components, Loggregator v2 API, with support for Global CPI Extensions (a feature which unlocks native IaaS features while retaining the inherent portability of PCF), Zero Downtime App Deployments (Beta), and much more.

Micronaut 1.1 M2 released, with support for gRPC, AWS API Gateway and AWS Alexa Lambda, and an even faster cold start time and performance optimizations, etc.

Further Reading

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Case Study

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Tell us what you think—your take on the industry effects of these framework updates, essential workflow reading, or anything else—in the comments below or @GetInRhythm on Twitter.

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