Design InRhythm

The InRhythm Design Practice is the space where creativity, user experience
and design thinking converge.

Design InRhythm

The InRhythm Design Practice is the space where creativity, user experience
and design thinking converge.

Our Design Focus

An Intelligently crafted end-to-end design strategy keeps the story of your product robust & on target.

Iterative Design

Create impactful journeys using

  • Empathy maps
  • Journey maps
  • Design Sprints & prototypes to validate features and products
  • Be a partner for end-to-end product development cycle


Create wireframe artifacts that are

  • Responsive
  • Mobile devices first and desktops later
  • Cutting edge design using design tools like Sketch, Invision and Axure

Visual Design

Create design solutions by

  • Taking feedback in stride
  • Use the right amount of design elements on the screen
  • Create design language systems that can be used across the organization

Design Studio Team Pods

Thinking dynamically, learning as we grow & always finding solutions to problems. Our custom team pods are built with your needs in mind, we will craft anything from a design experience focused pod to an end to end solution.

Scrum Pod

  • Product Owner
  • UX Designer
  • Full Stack Engineers

Experience Pod

  • UX Designer
  • UX Prototyper

Strategy Pod

  • UX Researcher
  • UX Designer
  • Product Owner

Research Pod

  • UX Researcher
  • UX Designer

We think Agile

We use a combination of agile development and design thinking, the two approaches are better together, creating a symbiotic environment focused on the user and rapid iteration as a means of reaching optimal outcomes. Design thinking brings a strong user focus while agile is an excellent way to incrementally deliver solutions, ensuring user needs are kept front and center throughout the entire design and development process.

InRhythmU Design

A section of InRhythmU, our growth and learning department is DesignU. This onsite training is built around the focus of learning about user experience, protoyping, design thinking and agile UX team. These lunch & learns can focus on any of the following:

  • The latest software updates from Sketch, Invision, Adobe
  • Best practices in agile design sprints
  • Designing for developers: Seamless end to end methodology
  • Bar raising creatives: Leading your team to new user experiences
  • The Smart Handoff: Getting files ready for development
  • Benefits of a Design Language System

Our Product Design community is made up of passionate people spanning multiple disciplines, united by a commitment to learning and growth. For more on the kind of people we recruit for our design and UX/UI teams, check out this statement from our Director of Product Design.

check out our new interactive scrum framework