Meet Our Recruiting Team

Jessica Blodgett

Hobbies: Spending time with my pets, hiking,
going to museums and theatre shows, and traveling.
Excited about: Hands down our Women in Tech
initiative, bringing together women across InRhythm
Recruiting for: Someone that is passionate about learning!

Andy Philbert

Hobbies: Coding, collecting sneakers, hiking,
going to museums and theatre shows, traveling
Excited about: Expanding InRhythmU and getting
the chance to work, learn, and code with my fellow InRhythmers
Recruiting for: Someone who thinks outside of the box
and isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and bring solutions to the table.
Communication and culture is key working with InRhythm or with any
of our partners. Life is a learning process: if you’re not learning you’re
not growing. Lastly, someone I can grab a drink with.

Jen Crawford

Hobbies: TRAVEL! I just got back from my honeymoon in South Africa
and Dubai and always have the itch to see a new country and learn new cultures.
When I’m not somewhere magical, I enjoy hiking and exploring
new restaurants and events in the city.
Excited about: Our client partnerships are truly special. Our teams are
building cool things and are able to be true thought leaders while working
on large enterprise initiatives.
Recruiting for: Someone who is passionate about learning new things
and understands the ever-changing world of technology. I look for people
who want to change the world, one application at a time!

Torrence Hyman

Hobbies: I enjoy fitness. I’m also very interested in Cybersecurity
and am currently taking courses to learn more.
Excited about: Helping to grow the cloud practice here at InRhythm!
Recruiting for: Passion to learn and grow!
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