The Latest in React and Agile: What We’re Reading Now

The Latest in React and Agile: What We’re Reading Now

InRhythm by   InRhythm  |  August 8, 2018  |  0

Here’s what our Practice Leadership Team is reading around the web:

Understanding React – React 16.3 + Component life-cycle Medium.com Having a new lifecycle method (`getDerivedStateFromProps`) to keep props/state synchronized—and the ability to use it to set default state (instead of in the constructor)—is extremely helpful. Its return value updates state (like `setState`), allowing you to update state based on updated props instead of messing with a combination of `componentWillReceiveProps` (which will be deprecated) and `setState`. I’ve been using the new Context API extensively, and I’m looking forward to using these new lifecycle methods.

The Security Model of WebAssembly Hacker News The security model of WebAssembly offers great new applications that can save a lot of time spent navigating or accounting for variable image sizes and loading. In particular, it provides simple, automatic handling of perfectly sized images and image substitution while the original loads. It’s a relatively seamless system for image handling without the tangle of excessive callbacks.

Sonar GitHub Sonar is a debugging platform aimed at mobile app development on iOS and Android. It’s open-source, which allows for transparency and customization for users looking to make their own, use-specific plugins. It’s already got a fairly robust library, and we’re looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Chrome 68 Page Lifecycle API Google Properly managing operating system resources is an essential part of development, and the new Page Lifecycle API with Chrome 68 allows us to see when hidden tabs are being frozen and unfrozen through the `freeze` and `resume` events. More robust tools for monitoring state changes are always helpful in driving the process of setting up inputs and notifications, for instance, so easier transparency is a huge help for our processes.

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