Featured Tech Talk – Amit Deshpande – Sketch and Measure

Featured Tech Talk – Amit Deshpande – Sketch and Measure

by   Anthony O'Sullivan  |  October 2, 2017  |  0


Listen to Amit Deshpande, InRhythm UX Lead, deliver a great talk on how developers and designers can work better together using a Sketch plugin called Measure.

From Amit:
Sketch has now become one of the “go-to” tools for any design team. Any design team I talk to knows about or is using Sketch in various capacities.

Sketch has a large and growing developer community that constantly creates fantastic set of plugins which make sketch even better. With an array of sketch plugin, users can create wireframes to clickable prototypes in a jiffy.

Measure is one of the plugins that has gained traction. This tool allows designers to import visual design into design specifications seamlessly. The spec is an HTML file that can be sent to developers as an attachment. The developers can open it and view the spec as a web spec. Clicking on each/every element in the HTML spec gives engineers pixel perfect designs with detailed HEX values for each color on the screen.

The plugin can be download via a GitHub link: https://github.com/utom/sketch-measure and used in Sketch.

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