The Year in Tech 🎊: InRhythm’s Learning and Growth Newsletter

The Year in Tech 🎊: InRhythm’s Learning and Growth Newsletter

Gunjan Doshi by   Gunjan Doshi  |  January 2, 2019  |  0

Happy 2019! Coming off a tremendously successful year for InRhythm, we’re looking back at what defined the year in tech and what’s coming in the future. I’d like to celebrate all our consultants, who have continued to impress our clients with their vision and leadership and made 2018 great.

2018 was a hugely successful year for InRhythm. Our consultancy has grown, nearly doubling in size as we continue to bring in new InRhythmers to work on exciting projects. Our existing clients have been steadily onboarding more of our bar-raising consultants, and our teams have continued to shine.

While all of this was happening, the rest of the industry was taking notice. InRhythm was named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies for the sixth year in a row, the Deloitte Fast 500 for the fourth year in a row, and Consulting Magazine’s list of the fastest growing firms for the second year in a row. Our consultants have continued to make InRhythm an industry leader through their hard work and outstanding results, but we’re not done yet.

We’re always interested in what’s coming next, so we’re also taking a little peek into what’s around the corner for the new year. Get your thinking cap on—2019 is going to be big!

Tell us your biggest stories for 2018 (and your goals for the new year) @GetInRhythm or on the InRhythmU blog.

Thanks and Keep Growing,

Gunjan Doshi
CEO, InRhythm

Doing Good
“Lawyers, doctors, and many other professionals swear oaths when entering their fields, promising to behave ethically and in the interest of their clients. Software engineers—responsible for the digital lives of billions of people—don’t have anything like the Hippocratic Oath but are just as responsible for doing the right thing. Theo Schlossnagle explores the idea of software ethics in this stimulating podcast from InfoQ; as Mr. Schlossnagle puts it, ‘we’re now at a point where the code that we write and the problems we solve have a serious effect on a broad swath of society—and with that comes responsibility.'”

Distributed Responsibility
“We hear a lot about distributed systems, blockchains and shared contracts, a self-organizing Internet of Things, and conversational agents. Software in 2019 will likely be very different from software in 2018—it’s an exciting time to be an engineer. At the same time, the way we build engineering cultures is also changing. Employees of Gitlab, a company of about 300 people with a market cap of 1.1 Billion, are 100% remote. The idea of “Remote as a Service” has entered the conversation: how do distributed teams stay aligned? How are they managed? In 2019 the InRhythm leadership team will be focused on keeping our growing, distributed family aligned as well, in the process helping our client partners manage their distributed workforces too.”

Smart Spaces
“For $25, you can nap on a Casper bed for 45 minutes. WeWork has transformed the idea of the office as it continues to open up new locations around the country. Cars are becoming mobile sleep pods, massage studios, or workspaces, depending on which app you’re running. Alexa, Google Home, and Siri continue to expand their capabilities as virtual assistants for you and the advertisers who love to know what you’re talking about. Entire populations are re-thinking the world around them; for example, when self-driving cars remove the need for driveways, freeing up millions of acres of new space, who will profit from that space reclamation? And then there’s Durr Burger, a Fortnite item making a mysterious appearance in a California desert. Forget Mars—the real (and virtual) Earth is being re-explored.”

“20 years ago, when Gary Larson published this comic he shared nearly everyone’s belief that video games were time-wasters smart kids avoid. Today, more colleges are offering eSports scholarships to young gamers with fast fingers, capitalizing on a 400 million-strong market. The 2016 League of Legends world championship attracted 43 million viewers; Twitch reports that in Q1 of 2018 subscribers spent 17.9 million hours watching other people play video games. Is eSports the fastest growing sport? Investors are betting on it.”

Synthetic Data
“AI is on everyone’s radar, but the ‘fuel’ AI needs is data…and lots of it. Want to train a conversational bot using machine learning? Great idea! Do you have transcripts of billions of conversations for it to learn from? The demand well exceeds supply—only large players like Facebook and Google can gather the trillions of data points needed until now. Need a bunch of photos? Describe them with text and generate synthetic faces, then manipulate them. Training your new self-driving car? Instead of seeking permits (and buying lots of insurance), just run your AI within Grand Theft Auto.”

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