InRhythm’s Cloud Engineering Digest: New Year, New Java News

InRhythm’s Cloud Engineering Digest: New Year, New Java News

by   Nick Logvynenko  |  February 7, 2019  |  0

January is a quiet month for releases and breaking news, but it’s usually full of great summaries and articles. For our first Cloud Engineering Digest of 2019, we round up the links and articles you need to see.

New year, new GitHub: GitHub Launches Free Private Repos with up to Three Collaborators

New year, new GitHub: Announcing unlimited free private repos and unified Enterprise offering

IBM Releases Open Liberty with Support for MicroProfile 2.1 and Reactive Extensions
Open Liberty is a production-ready implementation of the MicroProfile specifications
You can read more about Eclipse MicroProfile here.

Raw String Literals have been removed from Java 12 scope.
A raw string literal can span multiple lines of source code and does not interpret escape sequences, such as \n, or Unicode escapes of the form \uXXXX.
Owner Brian Goetz offers an explanation here, and you can see the official feature description here.

Google Announces Spring Cloud GCP 1.1 collaboration between Pivotal’s Spring team and Google to integrate the Spring Framework and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The project joins the Spring Cloud release train and is now compatible with Spring Boot 2.1 and Java 11, and includes all the goodness of the most recent Spring Boot version.

IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 Early Access Program is open.
You can see major upcoming features ahead, including Gradle improvements, Spring Cloud Stream refinements, and more.

Spring Boot 2.1.2 released

90 New Features (and APIs) in JDK 11
Since JDK 12 is coming soon, this is a good recap of all the new features released in JDK 11.


Developing Microservices with Behavior-Driven Development and Interface-Oriented Design
A good article that explains BDD (behavior-driven development) on a simple sample.

Further Reading

Netflix Play API: Building an Evolutionary Architecture
Great article about architecture changes in Netflix in response to key business milestones for growth.

GraalVM in 2018
High-performance polyglot VM with a new high-performance Java compiler, itself called Graal, which can be used in just-in-time or ahead-of-time configurations.

An Introduction to Kotlin for Serverside Java Developers
A straightforward intro to Kotlin, a newer language on the JVM, making the case for why it works and where it works best.

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