Engineering Driven Culture – InRhythm’s Code Lounge

Engineering Driven Culture – InRhythm’s Code Lounge

by   Shivani York  |  April 25, 2017  |  1


Last week, driven by the feedback from our engineering leadership team, we held InRhythm U’s first-ever Code Lounge, inviting everyone from across the company and a few external guests to learn new skills, brush up on existing ones, or just get help on a personal project.

Code Lounge featured technical “stations” for Angular, React, React Native, Express, Vue, Node.js, Java, QA, UX and Product, each led by an InRhythm senior developer instructor. Accompanied by food and drinks on the company, the event provided an easy atmosphere and low-key way for everyone to network and learn a thing or two!

Here are a few key takeaways and learnings from Code Lounge:

  1. To understand what is important to our engineers, we need to be constantly listening to and engaging with our teams. While Vue and Java were not on our list of station offerings originally, in putting the event together we quickly found out that they are in high demand. Luckily, we were able to add both of these to our agenda, thanks to our very talented engineers who were able to lead these discussions.
  2. Collaboration happens when culture is driven from bottom up, not top down. Our engineers and UX/product leads single-handedly drove Code Lounge, with management simply enabling from the background with budget and logistics support. The magic of the night was the true collaboration seen across the stations, individuals coming prepared with best practices in their domains to share without being asked, and amazing learning and teaching happening in tandem across the room.
  3. Angular seemed to be the least popular station at the event, perhaps because a large part of our team is already fluent in Angular or perhaps due to newer technologies featured, such as Vue and React – these were the most popular and buzzed-about tables.
  4. We love learning and development at InRhythm, but admittedly beer on tap, Lombardi’s pizza, pool and music make it even better.

At InRhythm, our goal is to give our people the best opportunities for learning and growth. This goal is something I feel very passionate about as do all our senior leaders across the organization. Code Lounge is just one example of how we keep our company culture and ourselves at the top of our game!  If you want to find out more, visit us at www.inrhythm.com.


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