The “Anna Karenina” Principle in Agile

by inrhythmAdmin | November 9, 2015 |  0

On November 3rd, The Agile Group of Project Management Institute’s New York City Chapter, invited me to speak to their members about Agile implementation at scale. It was an interesting opportunity to learn what the major challenges of Agile implementations from a project management perspective are and to share the patterns that make an Agile […]

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CTO Video Roundup – Empire Node NYC

by inrhythmAdmin | November 3, 2015 |  0

Last Friday, myself and 5 of my team at InRhythm went to the Empire Node NYC conference in NYC. We learned of the history and future of Node/io.js, the upcoming and existing features of the platform and much more. Links: Node LTS and release plans – https://nodesource.com/blog/essential-steps-long-term-support-for-nodejs Slides for ES6 module talk –  http://benjamn.github.io/empirenode-2015/#/1 The Evolution of […]

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CTO Video Roundup – Connect.JS

by inrhythmAdmin | October 22, 2015 |  0

I was invited to speak at Connect.JS down in Atlanta, GA on ES6 and React. While those videos will take a little bit of time to be released, here’s my rundown of my awesome experience in the Peach State. Links: How to Learn –  https://speakerdeck.com/airportyh/how-to-learn Dealing with JavaScript errors –  https://twitter.com/johnkpaul/status/655452473054904320 Machina.js –  http://machina-js.org/ Facebook […]

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InRhythm October Meetup – How We Continually Challenge Ourselves to Learn and Grow

by inrhythmAdmin | October 19, 2015 |  0

At InRhythm, we have a strong list of a values that serve as reminders on how to complete our best work possible. One of our values is to “challenge the status quo – learn and grow daily”. I love this idea and how it can be applied on a regular basis. We not only need to […]

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InRhythm is Scaling Scaled Agile

by inrhythmAdmin | October 5, 2015 |  0

No one needs to prove that Agile is a modern delivery framework. According to VersionOne’s State of Agile Survey for 2015, 94% of all organizations surveyed are practicing Agile. In addition, 45% of respondents worked in development organizations where the majority of their teams are Agile. Contrast this with the 2009 report: only 31% of […]

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How InRhythm’s Operations Team is Using Agile and Lean to Run the Company

by inrhythmAdmin | September 23, 2015 |  0

What can you use Agile and Lean for? Software delivery? Manufacturing? My answer: everything! Even running a company. This is how we do it at InRhythm. Let’s first consider the value. For me, as an Agile Coach and practitioner for many years, there are three things that make any Agile team successful: Collaborative, cross-functional team […]

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