Top 5 UX Tools – I Absolutely Love!

by inrhythmAdmin | April 7, 2015 |  0

Why Use Them? Before the time we hit the shower in the morning, many of us have already checked our text messages, emails, or news / sports feeds at least once. The mobile device and all its glory has fundamentally become a part of our day to day life. So have you ever wondered who […]

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Agile Teams in a Flexible Workplace

by inrhythmAdmin | February 18, 2015 |  0

It’s common knowledge that co-location is key to the success of an agile team. Over the years, I’ve created and observed many ways to make the distribution somewhat less painful, and to reduce the impacts, but make no mistake: there is just no substitute for putting a team into the same physical room. Experienced teams and […]

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Top 3 Reasons for Software Developers to Make a Move

by inrhythmAdmin | February 9, 2015 |  0

Is the grass really greener on the other side? It’s the age-old question for anyone looking to make a job change. For software developers and UX designers, it can be easier to identify that it’s time for a change by asking 3 simple questions: Am I bored regularly? Have I learned anything new in the […]

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Avoid Feature Frenzy

by inrhythmAdmin | January 29, 2015 |  0

I am fortunate to sit in many product strategy meetings. The majority of these meetings usually focus around adding functional features. However, there are those rare occasions when the following issues are discussed: “I saw Billy using our app. I could not believe it took him 5 steps to get to it. We should fix […]

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Let’s Get Physical – The Case for Physical Agile Artifacts

by inrhythmAdmin | January 6, 2015 |  0

One of the many observations made by new agilists regards the use of paper in an agile team. Between task boards, backlogs, release plans, goals, and other formal (and informal) artifacts, there is a lot of paper used. Let’s face it: we know Post-It sales have increased with the popularity of Agile methods! A considerable […]

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InRhythm 2014 Year in Review

by inrhythmAdmin | December 30, 2014 |  0

We’ve had an incredible year here at InRhythm! We’ve expanded our UX, Front-End Engineering and Agile practices, added key people to our team and were listed in the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for a 2nd consecutive year.    

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