A new point of Vue

by Jack Tarantino | March 22, 2018 |  0

Our very own Anthony O’Sullivan gives his fresh, punny, and appropriately detailed take on Vue.js and we couldn’t have had more fun!

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One-directional data binding without frameworks

by Jack Tarantino | March 2, 2018 |  0

This post is another by InRhythm’s own Jack Tarantino. For the full post and additional links, check out the original “Frameworkless JavaScript Part 3: One-Way Data Binding” on his website. The following article is one in a series about writing client-focused JavaScript without the help of libraries and frameworks. It’s meant to remind developers that […]

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Overly defensive programming

by Carl Vitullo | February 20, 2018 |  1

This post is another one by InRhythm’s own Carl Vitullo. For the full post and additional links, check out the original “Overly Defensive Programming” on his medium channel. I recently asked a coworker why a certain check was being done, and he answered with a shrug and said, “Just to be safe.” Over my career, I’ve seen […]

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Keep Your Codebase Neat and Tidy

by Mae Capozzi | February 13, 2018 |  0

Developers tend to have opinions on style. If you’ve been in the industry for more than 15 minutes, you’ve at least heard about the arguments over spaces or tabs. And don’t even get me started on whether JavaScript needs semi-colons or not. That’s where automatic code formatting comes in. Sure, when you’re working alone on […]

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Mayank Patel – Halloween Horror Code Lounge

by Anthony O'Sullivan | November 20, 2017 |  0

  From Mayank: “Bugs in production must be evaluated carefully. Sometimes bugs may look simple from change perspective but can cause a big nightmare when you think about production impact. Here is an example of one such case where a bug in 3 lines of code created a big nightmare for the whole team.”

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William Bratches – Halloween Horror Code Lounge

by Anthony O'Sullivan | November 14, 2017 |  0

  From William: “NodeJs is the hottest topic in backend dev – but is still widely misunderstood. Without understanding and discipline, nodeJS begins to resemble a spooky spiderweb of unrealized good intentions.”

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