Progressive Web Apps—The Best of Both Worlds đź‘Ż: InRhythm’s Learning and Growth Newsletter

by Gunjan Doshi | March 27, 2019 |  0

  February 11th: The Best of Both Worlds For a little while there, the Web was looking old. Some said it was about to die or was already dead—those claims turned out to be greatly exaggerated. It turns out the Web is, was, and remains the robust collection of information our modern world relies on for […]

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Structuring and Serving PWAs with the PRPL Pattern

by Anna Brakowska | March 26, 2019 |  0

It’s been over 10 years since the release of the first model of the iPhone. Back then, most people had primitive mobile devices, limited mostly to making calls and receiving brief text messages. Anything close to decent was considered a pleasant user experience when it came to mobile. Nobody was concerned about the status quo, […]

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Deep Work for Developers

by Bryan Riley | March 13, 2019 |  0

Recently I’ve been tasked with a lot of research topics, which can be time-intensive and demanding without proper planning and management. I usually plan out my tasks for the day using a technique I call “TaskTreeing,” which divides larger, more nebulous tasks into discrete subtasks with specific time estimations. You can see me break down […]

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InRhythm’s Cloud Engineering Digest: Frameworks, Architecture, and More

by Nick Logvynenko | March 12, 2019 |  0

Our latest Cloud Engineering Digest covers some big topics—the latest news in cloud, key framework updates, and some additional reading on software architecture trends. Check out the links you need to see now below: Spring Boot 2.1.3 Available Now This release includes over 70 fixes, improvements and dependency upgrades. If you’re still using Spring Boot 2.0.x, […]

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InRhythm’s Totally Radical 80s Day

by Gunjan Doshi | March 11, 2019 |  0

There’s always music playing at InRhythm HQ—we even offer free streaming to InRhythmers to keep everyone in the zone with their favorite tracks. Music boosts productivity and psychological well-being, in addition to sparking impromptu singalongs throughout the day. One of our go-to playlists is an epic greatest hits of the 80s, and we decided to […]

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Shape the Future of Web Engineering with Us

by Sandro Pasquali | March 1, 2019 |  0

My relationship with InRhythm began about 4 years ago when I did a Node.js workshop with the team. I was impressed at how the CEO, Gunjan Doshi, kept in touch, regularly checking in with me over the subsequent years. When the opportunity to collaborate happened, I jumped at the chance. By then the company that […]

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