Featured Tech Talk – Gladys Um – How to Talk About Math

by Anthony O'Sullivan | September 27, 2017 |  0

  Listen to Gladys Um – Awesome InRhythm Engineer, deliver a fascinating yet truly useful talk on exactly ‘HOW’ we should talk about Math. From Gladys: “In ‘How to Talk About Math’, I argued that the way to make math more accessible to general audiences is to present the big picture, build intuition, use precise […]

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Featured Tech Talk – Ian Shuff – Lisp, What’s with ALL those ()()((())) ?

by Anthony O'Sullivan | September 21, 2017 |  0

  Listen to Ian Shuff – expert InRhythm engineer & “knower of many things”, deliver a rare but brilliant talk on Lisp, why he loves it – and why you will too! From Ian: “In this talk, I give a brief introduction to the Common Lisp. Starting off with a discussion of it’s somewhat abstruse […]

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Featured Tech Talk – Matt Billard – A Survival Guide to VIM

by Anthony O'Sullivan | September 20, 2017 |  0

  Listen to Matt Billard – Super-talented InRhythm engineer, deliver a funny but surprisingly useful talk on how to survive that editor, Vim! From Matt: “As a developer there will be many times in your career when you have no option but to use Vim as a text editor. This presentation will get you up […]

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Featured Tech Talk – Andy Philbert Jr. – Javascript Recruiter Extraordinaire

by Anthony O'Sullivan | September 14, 2017 |  0

  Listen to Andy Philbert Jr. – Head Javascript Recruiter of InRhythm, deliver an insightful talk on what his kind look for when interviewing and hiring. From Andy: “Recruiters are usually the first people you speak to when interviewing with companies. We are not engineers and screen for non technical qualities that shows that you […]

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Puttin’ On the Ritz: Copying and Pasting in Vim

by Ian Shuff | August 31, 2017 |  0

Copying and Pasting, called “Yanking” and “Putting” in Vim parlance, is one of the most annoying parts about Vim for the beginner Vim user. While immensely useful once one gets accustomed to the way Vim does it, the dissonance between users’ expectations of copy and pasting in a modern environment, and what Vim does, is […]

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Things I’ve learned as a junior developer

by Joshua Villahermosa | July 16, 2017 |  0

I’ve grown a lot as a software engineer since I graduated college. Many colleges don’t teach real world interaction with a team and common coding standards. If you are just starting out as a developer or are more on the junior side, this post is for you. Many of my points come from real world experience and the […]

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